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Thank you to Rohan Murphy

Rohan Murphy


On Monday, November 19, 2018 Rohan Murphy visited Roslyn High School to speak to our winter athletes. Rohan Murphy is a nationally recognized youth speaker that has spoken in over 40 states. Rohan, who lost his legs at birth, started to wrestle his freshman year of high school. After a successful high school wrestling career he went on to wrestle at Penn State University. In addition to wrestling, Rohan Murphy is also an accomplished power lifter, competing in international competitions all over the world representing the USA.

Rohan Murphy has been featured in publications such as ABC news, Sports Illustrated, and many more. He was featured in his very own Nike commercial to motivate and inspire people to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Now Rohan is a professional motivational speaker. He lived his whole life by motivating people by his actions, now he is motivating the youth of America with his words in a gripping tale of adversity, dedication, and living with a purpose.

During his motivational speech Mr. Murphy stressed his motto of “No Excuses." At the end of the presentation, Mr. Murphy spoke to our athletes and even visited wrestling practice. 

Click here for Rohan Murphy's video. 

  Rohan Murphy and basketball players

Rohan Murphy and the HS Wrestling Team

Rohan Murphy at wrestling practice