Roslyn Middle School & Roslyn High School

Our Faculty

  • HS WL/ENL Department: 801-5178
    MS WL/ENL Department: 801-5259


    Ms. Danielle Pappas ext. 5180

    World Language Faculty: 

    Mr. Wilfredo Abrahante  ext. 7101

    Mr. Matthew Andresen ext. 7108            

    Ms. Tami Cutler  ext. 7587

    Ms. Agusti  ext. 7193

    Mr. Alejandro Elena  ext. 7225

    Mr. John Figueroa  ext. 7234  

    Ms. Cecily Lawrence  ext. 7357

    Ms. Lauren Murphy ext. 7131

    Ms. Susana Rivera  ext. 7224   

    Ms. Jessica Valente  ext. 7588

    Ms. Galia Weiser  ext. 7559  

    Ms. Huichee Yeh  ext. 7293

    Ms. Michelina Zeni  ext. 7603

    English as a New Language (ENL) Faculty 

    Ms. Tara Hausman (MS)  ext. 5178

    Ms. Lauren Stillwell (HS)  ext. 7449

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    Image result for welcome in sign languageWelcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Bienvenues! Benvenuti!  歡迎


    The World Languages Department values diversity and is dedicated to teaching our students to be global citizens. 
    We are committed to developing learners who through language:
    • Understand people, places, and cultures beyond their own;
    • Utilize reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in real-world contexts;
    • Express themselves with growing sophistication in increasingly complex situations;
    • Feel comfortable taking risks, both within and outside of the classroom;
    • Apply rigor and passion to the intellectual pursuit of being proficient in another language; 
    • Take an active interest in the challenges and possibilities in our global world.