We are excited to announce that the Roslyn School District PFAs have transitioned to a more comprehensive way to communicate with the school community with the launch of a new digital platform called FutureFund.

    FutureFund is an all-in-one platform that helps parents register students for PFA-sponsored school programs, raise funds, collect dues, manage directories, sell merchandise, manage fundraisers, sign up for event notifications, access the school directory, and much more. 

    Each school's PFA will manage their own dedicated portal. The FutureFund website is not managed by the school district.

    Using the links below, please select the school(s) your child attends and register them on the portal. We encourage you to do this at your earliest convenience to remain on the PFA email list and ensure seamless communication going forward. Please note that you will need to register each student in your family. 

    The central portal page for FutureFund's PFAs can be accessed with the following link: roslyn.futurefund.com

    Heights School PFA: heights.futurefund.com
    East Hills School PFA: easthills.futurefund.com
    Harbor Hill School PFA: harborhill.futurefund.com
    Roslyn Middle School PFA: roslynms.futurefund.com
    Roslyn High School PFA: roslynhs.futurefund.com

    If you would like to familiarize yourself with the platform, please visit their website at: www.futurefund.com

    *Please note that the Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) will continue to use MemberHub as their communication platform. Their website address is roslynsepta.memberhub.com and you can opt in for emails with the following link: https://forms.gle/FVacsrVwiqe59TBF9

    If you have any questions, please use the emails below to contact the PFA representatives of your individual schools.

    Roslyn High School: rhspfa@gmail.com
    Roslyn Middle School: rmspfa@gmail.com
    Harbor Hill: harborhillpfa@gmail.com
    East Hills: easthillspfa@gmail.com
    Heights: heightspfa@gmail.com


    2023-2024 PFA Officers

    The Roslyn PARENT FACULTY ASSOCIATION (PFA) is a non-profit organization composed of parents and staff members who work together to enrich the lives of children and keep the Roslyn community informed of current school information.

    As a member of the Parent Faculty Association (PFA) you will have the opportunity to support activities and programs that enrich your child's experience here at Roslyn.

    Each school in the Roslyn School District has its own parent organization. There is also a Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA). Each organization is represented on the Coordinating Council of Parent Associations (CCPA). 

     Org Chart

    2023-2024 OFFICERS CCPA 2022


    Co-Presidents: Danielle Gross, Rebecca Altman, Jenn DiSanti