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  • BUS

    Bus service is provided within the district to all public, private and parochial school students in kindergarten through grade 8 regardless of the distance between their home and school provided it is less than 15 miles.  It is also provided and to high school students in grades 9-12 who live more than 1/2 mile but less than 15 miles from school. Limits are strictly enforced and drivers are instructed to deny transportation to those who do not qualify.  

    Late buses are available for Roslyn Public School students who participate in after school activities. 

    State law provides that students attending private or parochial schools outside the district are entitled to busing at district expense upon application by parent/guardian.


  • Printable Transportation Request Forms for Non-Public School Students and Child Care Locations are available upon request. Please call 516-801-5190 or email RoslynTransportation@roslynschools.org