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    A large and diverse array of services are provided by the Office of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) and Special Education, including educational services for children from age 3 through 21, registration of new students, oversight of school nurses and other medical services, managing federal and other grants, placements of students at BOCES and other approved out-of-district programs, and Section 504 accommodations.


    ***CSE/CPSE and 504 meetings will continue to be held via Zoom, unless it is specifically requested that the meeting be held in person. We will continue to evaluate over the summer months. Please call 516-801-5060 to request an in-person CSE/CPSE or 504 meeting.***

    We are here to serve the needs of the children and families of the Roslyn school community!

    Collaboration Portal Instructions

    • Please find instructions for the collaboration portal below:

                Roslyn Pupil Personnel Services conducts all correspondence through a secured online portal serviced by Frontline Education. The portal allows you to download, print and sign your child’s documents without having to mail them back. Certain documents, such as consent forms, will also be sent via regular mail to ensure you receive them. Below are brief directions on how to utilize the portal for your document needs.

      • Each time you have a document that needs viewing, you will receive an email from the following sender with the title in the subject:
        • "Frontline Education: (Staff Member) has shared a document with you through the Collaboration Portal"
        • Please be aware: These emails tend to end up in your “Bulk/Junk” mailbox, so be sure to accept it into your regular Inbox for the future inbox, so you do not miss any documents that you may need to access.
      • The email will explain how to access your document. Click on “Open Document” and enter the access code.
        • The access code for every document you receive will be your child’s first three letters of their last name (CAPITALIZED) and their birthday in the form of MMDDYYYY
          (example: ABC01022020)
        • There are no log in usernames or passwords to use or remember.
      • From there, a short tutorial video will appear for you to watch with instructions for signing. Click “I Agree” and continue.
      • Please be sure documents such as consent forms are signed before you submit them. If the document does NOT require a signature, please just click the “submit” button in order to assure us you have received the document. Also, links expire in 3 DAYS. If you cannot access your link for this reason, please contact us at Lcarlucci@roslynschools.org and I will gladly send it again.


    Thank you for helping us to serve you and your student better!!


Special Education PTA (SEPTA)

  • What is SEPTA? The Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTA) provides parents and teachers of special education students with the ability to obtain information, discuss issues, and improve academic and social experiences of our special education students. Membership is open to all parents, teachers and administrators. We gladly welcome and appreciate all of your support. 

    Roslyn SEPTA has meetings concerning many issues that our children face. It is a forum where we can join as a community and be a unified voice for our children and their needs. 

    The success of SEPTA depends on your participation and support. Together we can make a difference for all of our children. Our SEPTA board happens to be parents who have children with special needs, so we clearly understand what it is to have a child with special needs. We are very excited to have some wonderful speakers and presentations this year. 



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