• Student Athlete Amateur  Status


    (1) A student who represents a school in an interscholastic sport shall be an amateur in that sport. An amateur is one who engages in athletic competition solely for the pleasure of the activity and for the physical, mental, and social benefits derived from participation.

    (2) When competing in non-NYSPHSAA sponsored events, an athlete forfeits amateur status in a sport by: 

      1. Accepting money or other compensation, including gift cards and gift certificates is prohibited (allowable entry fees, travel, meals, and lodging expenses is permitted.) (Feb.2019)
      2. Receiving an award or prize of monetary value which has not been approved by this Association. NOTE: Only awards or prizes having a monetary value of five hundred dollars ($500) or less per competition will be approved by the Association. When honoring student-athletes for success in NYSPHSAA sponsored championship events, Boards of Education are encouraged to approve limited awards that are appropriate to high school level competition. (May 2019)
      3. An athlete forfeits amateur status in a sport by capitalizing on athletic fame by receiving money, compensation, endorsements or gifts of monetary value in affiliation or connection with activities involving the student’s school team, school, Section or NYSPHSAA (scholarships to institutions of higher learning are specifically exempted). (Oct. 2021)
          1. This provision is not intended to restrict the right of any student to participate in a commercial endorsement provided there is no school team, school, Section or NYSPHSAA affiliation.
          2. The student does not appear in the uniform of the student’s school and does not utilize the marks, logos, etc. of the school, section, or NYSPHSAA as part of any endorsement. d. An athlete forfeits amateur status in a sport by signing a professional playing contract in that sport.

    (3) Instructing, supervising, or officiating in any organized youth sports program, recreation, playground, or camp activities will not jeopardize amateur standing. Receiving compensation for officiating shall not affect amateur standing.

    (4) A student who violates the above rule may apply to the league or to the designated body within that section for reinstatement one year from the date of the latest violation. Reporting Procedure: All violations shall be reported to the League and Section.