A student must attend four classes to participate in a practice session, interscholastic, or extra-curricular activity.

    A student will not be permitted to participate in a school activity during a period of suspension from school.  A student will also lose this privilege when cutting a class.


    Attendance Standards for Athletes 

    It is our expectation that Roslyn High School athletes will maintain excellent attendance at all practices and games that are scheduled during their athletic seasons. A sense of commitment and responsibility are vital ingredients for personal and team success. Please note the following: Legal absences from athletic practices or contests are defined the same way that they are for school absences—school-sponsored trips and activities, days of religious observance, days of suspension from school and court appearance dates. Students may return to athletic practices/contests when they return to school after a legal absence.

    Legal absences from school will not be considered "cuts" from practices or contests. They carry no consequence in terms of playing time. However, playing time is at the discretion of the individual coach. 

    "Special case" absences may include death or serious illness in the families of athletes. Communications received from parents/athletes and given to coaches must be shared with the Athletic Director. The consequences for these absences, if any, shall be determined by the Athletic Director. Students who miss practices or games due to illegal absences will not be removed from teams. However, the following minimum consequences will apply to all illegal absences, during regular practice time:

    (1) For every single contest missed, the athlete will be "benched" for the next regularly- scheduled contest.

    (2) For every two practices missed, the athlete will be "benched" for the next regularly-scheduled contest.

    The consequences for missed practices or contests will be the same for all athletes on any sport at any level. After the consequences are served, the return of individual athletes to regular playing time or "starting time" will be left to the discretion of the individual coach. Any individual exceptions to these attendance standards will be at the sole discretion of the Athletic Director after consultation with the coaching, counseling or administrative staff. For information on the athletic program, please call the Athletic Director at 516-801-5160.

    Varsity Vacation PolicyPlease refer to the high school athletic website for the district’s policy. For the Fall Season, student athletes must be present at all fall season try-outs, which will begin before the school year starts.  For the Winter Season, if the team qualifies for playoff games, they will take place during the February recess. Varsity athletes are expected to be available for these championship contests. Varsity athletes who are not present during the December and Spring breaks will be subject to the varsity vacation policy. Click here for the varsity vacation policy and calendar.