• Rank One Scheduling App

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    In the Apple App Store or Google Play store download the schedule app.  This free app will provide scheduling information and a map to all locations. Once in the store search for Rank One, then download the free app, schedules.schools by AllPlayers Network, Inc.  

    After downloading the app, choose fan. Choosing fan will give you access to all schedules. (See below)



    Screen Shot


    Families and spectators can also sign up for Schedule Alerts. When looking at the Game Schedules or Practice Schedules enter your email and/or cell phone number to receive updates. (This is separate from the app.)


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    Steps for downloading the App:

    Step 1:

    Locate and download the app in the store. 

    RankOne App

    Step 2:

    Click on the search bar, then type in the name of the school and select it. 

    Search for school


    Step 3:

    Enter School Name


    Enter School Name


    Step 4:

    Select School

    Select School


    Step 5:

    Select Team

    Select Team


    Step 6:

    Sync schedule. Select Sync calendar at the bottom of your app.