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Turf Field 2007

The Turf Field Project

Public-Private Partnership Reaps Big Dividend for District

OCTOBER, 2007 - A new synthetic turf field was installed this summer and fall at the site of the Roslyn High School football field, thanks to a grant of $650,000 from the Roslyn Bulldogs Booster Association. The field is used by boys' and girls' teams playing both varsity and JV soccer and lacrosse, in addition to football and other school activities such as the Marching Bulldogs.

Built on layers of sand and gravel and with a comprehensive drainage system, the field can be used in all weather and all seasons and requires little maintenance. The contractor, The Landtek Group, has installed similar turf fields at many high schools, colleges and other public facilities in the region.

The photographs below show the progress of the work, which began in mid-August and was completed on schedule and in time for Homecoming on October 13, 2007.


Turf Prep 1
The initial phase of construction entails removal of the grass and top layers of soil.
    Turf Prep 2
Excess topsoil is removed.
The drainage system is expanded and tied into existing catch basins beneath the field.

Turf Prep 4
A layer is sand is spread and leveled over the surface of the field area.
A porous fabric is laid on top of the sand.
    Fabric 2
Gravel covers the fabric, which keeps the gravel and sand separated.

Each layer is rolled and compacted.
A laser mounted on a tripod sends a signal to the spreading equipment, ensuring that the field is perfectly level.
    Crushed stone
A final layer of finely crushed stone leaves a smooth surface for the installation of the "carpet".

Carpet 1
The turf itself is installed in about 40 sections which are unrolled in sequence.
A mobile sewing machine binds the new section to the ones previously laid.
    Carpet 3
Workers unfurl the new section and prepare it to receive the next one.

Rubber pellets
Finally, very small rubber pellets made from recycled materials nestle down into the blades of "grass" to give the field its soft feel under foot.
    Soccer Practice
And then they played...
    Football Practice
...and played...