Capital Projects Financial Report

  • Click here for the latest version of the Financial Report for the Capital Fund which details the money that has been authorized by the community to be spent on the repair and renovation of our facilities.  The report is divided into five parts.  Pages 1 – 4 is a reconciliation of the funds made available by year and includes the amounts actually expended and encumbered (paid to or committed to the various contractors on the project) and the balance of funds still available.  Pages 5 – 52 is a list of the expenditures and encumbrances for each project summarized by budget code, and 53 – 284 is a detailed report of those expenditures and encumbrances. Appendix 1 (pages 285 - 300) provides the text of the propositions approved by the community for the expenditure of the funds.  Appendix 2 (pages 300 – 308) is a “Crosswalk” of various codes used in describing the projects (budget sub-fund, SED project number, and architect’s project number).


    The East Hills Bond Project was funded during two consecutive fiscal years (2014-15 and 2015-16) using an SED project number of 0001-025.  The total amount allocated to the project was $4,861,327.65 as shown on page 1 including $747,055.79 from sub-fund 1504 (cash from the 2014-15 budget), $2,814,271.86 from subfund 1604 (proceeds of the bond sold in September 2016) and $1,300,000 from sub-fund 1614 (capital reserve appropriation approved by the voters in May 2015).  The total amount expended to date is $4,705,282.48 and there is $71,057.76 remaining encumbered in purchase orders and $84,987.41 still available (unencumbered) in the project.  For those who are interested in more information, they are directed to the "Summary Report" on pages 9 - 10 where they can see how the money was allocated and expended to date:

    Allocated Expended      Purpose
    89,000.00 87,997.23      200 - Library Furniture
    180,446.72 180,114.23      201 - Construction Management
    15,675.34 15,675.34      241 - Legal & Financial Services
    376,639.85 376,147.28      245 - Architectural Services
    60,308.33 38,182.03      246 - Engineering Fees
    2,951,950.00 2,891,118.52      293 - General Construction
    586,200.00 522,504.46      294 - Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
    50,379.00 44,191.84      295 - Plumbing
    550,728.41 549,351.55      296 - Electrical

    For those who are interested in even more detail, they are directed to the "Detail Report" on pages 66 - 80 where they can see the specifics about the payments made to Park East Construction, various moving and storage companies, KGD Architects, J. C. Broderick and Universal Testing Engineers, W. J. Northridge Construction, Central Air Corporation, WHM Plumbing and Relle Electrical including the number, date and amount of each check as well as transfers into and out of each account as they were specifically approved by the board of education.  This report is updated approximately two times each year.  Please call with any questions you may have.

    — updated September 4, 2019