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Update: September 2018

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 - Several projects were completed over the summer of 2018:
front entrance plaza of Roslyn High School
Landscaping, masonry and lighting have been completed in the entrance plaza at Roslyn High School. New masonry has also been installed on the retaining wall running along the intersection of Roslyn Road and Round Hill Road. The visitor entrance near the guidance and attendance offices was rebuilt with enhanced security, and is once again open.

Gymnasium floor, Roslyn High School
The gym floors have been refinished in the high school.

newly renovation Heights School hallway

Extensive interior renovations were completed throughout Heights School, encompassing lighting, ceilings, flooring, painting, and second-floor air conditioning. Work on a new, more secure main entrance and library/media center continue into the school year.

Harbor Hill fields

The playing fields at Harbor Hill School are now open for the season.

Harbor Hill Multi-Purpose Room

Harbor Hill's multipurpose room had a floor upgrade.

East Hills School main hallway

The original tile walls in the main hallway near the front entrance of East Hills School were recoated to complete the building's interior upgrades.