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Update: November 2017

NOV 8, 2017 - Since the summer, several major projects in the most recent phase of the district's capital improvement program have been completed or are nearing completion. Here are some "before and after" photos:
Harbor Hill School Main Entrance
The main entrance at Harbor Hill School, which was open for the first day of school.

Harbor Hill School playing fields
The playing fields at Harbor Hill, which have just recently been sodded and should be playable by the fall of 2018.

Roslyn High School New Gymnasium

Roslyn High School Gymnasium

The new gymnasium at Roslyn High School, which is now open and in daily use by students.

Additionally, the multi-purpose room at Harbor Hill was completed at the end of the summer (below); the front entrance of the high school was also open when school began while finishing work continued; and construction on the libraries in both schools will continue for several more months. In the final phase, construction and renovation projects will be undertaken at Heights School, mostly in the summer of 2018.

Harbor Hill School Multipurpose Room

An assembly for Unity Day last month in the new MultiPurpose Room at Harbor Hill.