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What are the economic benefits of funding your school district?

Traditionally, the benefits of funding public education have been measured over the long-term. As students graduate from high school and enter the workforce or attend college, they contribute back to society and their communities through both civic engagement (e.g. voting and volunteering) and financial support (e.g. paying taxes to fund social security or donations to charitable organizations). Beyond public education's long-term benefits, there are more immediate economic impacts that school districts have on their communities. Until now, no one has measured them systematically.

ASBO New York (Association of School Business Officials) has developed a tool that measures the economic impact of funding your school district. This analysis uses a multiplier calculated by economists that measures both the direct and spillover impact of school district spending in terms of employment, income and taxes generated. Local and regional numbers are presented in millions while statewide numbers are presented in billions. 

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