Driver Education

  • New York State-Approved Driver Education Program 





    The fall semester of Driver Education begins in early September, when the school year begins. Registration for the fall begins in July.
    The spring semester of Driver Education begins in late January or early February, when the second semester in Roslyn High School begins. Registration for the spring begins in mid-December.

    Course information


    Enrollment Requirements

    Participants must be  high school students who reside in the Roslyn school district, at least 16 years of age, and have a valid learner's permit by the first day of class (both class and driving instruction). Students MUST submit a copy of the learner's permit prior to the first class. They will not be permitted to drive unless a permit is presented. 

    Application Procedure

    • Register online at



    Phone registrations are not accepted. 

    Student's name and address must be identical to the way they appear on the learner's permit. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Enrollment is limited and registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Tuition and Refund Policy

    Tuition is $220. For withdrawal before the start of the semester, a refund minus $20 processing fee will be issued. After the start of the semester, there will be no refunds. Scholarships are available for students eligible for free or reduced lunch. All requests are confidential and must be submitted to the Director of Adult Education prior to the beginning of class. 


    Attendance at all  Classes is mandatory. Be certain that you can attend and be on time for all sessions before you register. According to State Law, any absence and/or lateness must be made up. If attendance requirements are not fulfilled, a student will not be issued a certificate of completion and will not receive a refund.


    Student Behavior

    Students are held to the same code of discipline in Driver Education as in any other Roslyn High School class or activity. A student who is permanently removed from a class or driving group because of inappropriate behavior will not receive a refund and may not be eligible to take the class again

    Upon Completion

    • Students who successfully complete the requirement for this non-credit course will receive a Student Certificate of Completion (MV285), which includes an insurance premium reduction certificate. After receiving the MV-285 and passing the road test, a 17-year-old is eligible for a regular license, but a 16-year-old is not. There is a $10 charge for a replacement certificate.

    • Classes may be extended beyond the final scheduled dates because of weather-related closings or other circumstances beyond the school district's control. Completion certificates will be distributed after the last day of the term, once all class and driving requirements have been fulfilled, textbook has been returned, and grades have been recorded for both the class and driving components.

    For more information, call 801-5115 or visit the Attendance Office in Roslyn High School.