About The Roslyn Hilltop Academy

  • What type of student would benefit from attending the Hilltop Academy?

    Academy students are capable of a high level of academic achievement…


    • average or better intelligence

    • aptitude for high-level thinking skills

    • Regents Diploma candidate

    • college-bound

    …but may display some of these characteristics…

    • highly disorganized

    • socially disenfranchised

    • poor school and/or class attendance

    • emotionally vulnerable

    • focus only on subjects of personal interest

    • school refusal

    …that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

    Students are placed in the academy through a rigorous screening process that takes into account each student's academic, social and emotional background.

    What support services are available?

    The goal of the Hilltop Academy is to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of the students. A strong counseling component is an integral part of the Academy. As a result of being a small learning community, the Academy is able to provide personal guidance and support at a level not available in most secondary school settings.

    What is the Academy’s academic program?

    The Hilltop Academy offers students the traditional academic subjects — English, social studies, math, science, foreign language and electives — but employs non-traditional methods available in a small learning community. For example, block scheduling and differentiated instruction allows for interdisciplinary learning that may encompass wide-ranging areas of study.

    The Roslyn faculty develop curriculum based on New York State’s learning standards but which are tailored to the individualized needs of the particular students enrolled in the program.

    The hours of the Academy allow students to participate in after-school activities, clubs and athletics at Roslyn High School.

    All Academy students work towards earning their Roslyn High School diploma and are bound for college or other post-secondary studies.

    What is the level of parental involvement?

    The success of the Academy depends on the home-school partnership. There are meetings and conversations among students, staff and parents throughout the school year.

    What grades attend the Academy?

    The Hilltop Academy is open to students in 8th through 12th grade. The enrollment of 8th graders helps guarantee success in high school for those students who may benefit from earlier intervention and the small learning community provided by the Academy. The grouping of eighth graders and other students is age- and academically appropriate.

    How I can get more information?

    Please contact Dave Lazarus, Assistant Principal, at 801-5100. You may also download a copy of the Application Form by clicking here.

    PHOTO: Students and teachers visit the Waterfront Center in Oyster Bay, where they posed with a girder from the World Trade Center.