Welcome to Hilltop Academy

  • The Roslyn Hilltop Academy provides the high school student with a non-traditional, alternative environment which maximizes their personal strengths while focusing on their individual learning styles. Through the use of an innovative curriculum developed and implemented by a nurturing staff, the Hilltop Academy’s task is to instill in every student a passion for knowledge and create life-long learners. The Academy encourages responsible, independent thinking, recognizes diversity and respects the individual needs of students. 


    Our mission is accomplished by:

    • Providing a high teacher-to-student ratio in small classroom settings.

    • Motivating the disenfranchised student who has difficulty succeeding in a traditional high school.

    • Creating an environment that meets the individual social, emotional and academic needs of students.

    • Developing a strong collaboration among staff, students and parents.

    • Using curriculum and instructional methods that are relevant to the students, complement their life experiences and build on their strengths.

    • Offering programs and support services that refine and enhance both academic and personal development.


Alternative Education Conference

  • Alternative Education Conference, March 2018

    Hilltop Academy Lead Teacher Kerriann Jannotte and Psychologist J.P. Leonardi were invited to present at the National Alternative Education Association’s national conference in Dallas on March 5, 2018. Their presentation was entitled: "Breathe and Reboot: Keeping Alternative Schools Relative and Real."

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  • Kerriann Jannotte, Special Ed./Lead Teacher

    Michelle Atkins, Health
    Joseph Capozzi, English
    Mark Carman, Math
    Terisa Charles, Science
    John Paul Leonardi, Psychologist
    Renee MacNear, English
    James Mumma, Social Studies
    Christina Papagni, Science
    Andrea Pearlman, Social Studies
    Todd Postol, Social Studies
    Rich Ritter, Art/Photography
    Jennifer Sheehan, World Languages
    Mark Valentino, Math
    Charles Windwer, Math

    Joan Dirr, Teacher Assistant