Our Humanities Program

  • Roslyn High School offers a Humanities program available to students in all four years of social studies.  The program offers a seminar style, interdisciplinary (Social Studies and English), discussion intensive approach to History, Government, Economics and Literature.  The Humanities approach to learning is integrated and contemplative and seeks to better understand what it is that makes us human. The courses include a Philosophy component in which students learn about philosophers and philosophies which have impacted human events. The program begins with Freshman Humanities (FroHum) in the ninth grade, proceeds through World Humanities (WoHum) in the tenth grade, American Civilization (AmCiv) in the eleventh grade and culminates in Participation in Government and Literature (PigLit) in the senior year.  Students may enter the program during the designated registration period at any point in their four years of high school. The courses are all designated as Honors -level.

    Note:  Because the courses rely heavily on discussion, the student must be prepared to actively engage in classroom conversations on a regular basis.