• Step by Step Instructions for Adding Your Child’s Google Account to your phone or other personal device.

    1. Head to a browser on your phone
    2. Navigate to Google.com
    3. On the top right hand corner, you will see your icon that you are signed into Google. Please click it.



    1. Click on “Add Another Account.”


    1. Add your child’s Roslyn Google account by entering their email address and password when prompted


    1. Your child will now be logged in. Please follow the same steps for your next child by clicking on “Add another account”



    When you log into the COVID site at ss.roslynschools.org and you complete the screening for your first child, you will then be presented with a link on the bottom to “Login with a different Google account” and you can now choose your other child(ren) so that they can be screened as well.