Volunteer Access: Community Service Online Reporting System

  • Welcome to our Community Service online program, Volunteer Access.

    Volunteer Access enables student to submit requests for prior approval, verify community service hours, look for community service opportunities and allows you to monitor your community service hours. The major change is how students report community service hours. Instead of submitting a signed Verification Form, and email is sent to the organization for approval by the student through Volunteer Access. Once approved, these hours will automatically be added to a student's community service profile.

    Embedded in the program are “How To” videos that clearly demonstrate the various functions of Volunteer Access. Click on the links at right for detailed instructions.

    Questions regarding the use of Volunteer Access should be sent to Mr. Lazarus at dlazarus@roslynschools.org.

    Click here to go to the login page for Volunteer Access. Please note, Volunteer Access works best using Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. It also works perfectly on iPad.