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Budget Passes by Wide Margin

School budget and 2 propositions are strongly supported by voters; 
Ben-Levy and Saffron re-elected to Board of Education.

JUNE 16, 2020 - The proposed 2020-21 budget for the Roslyn Public Schools was approved by voters on June 16 by a margin of 1808 to 678. The vote, delayed by three weeks because of the pandemic and conducted entirely by mail-in balloting, yielded the highest voter turnout in Roslyn in well over a decade.

The budget of $115,330,236 will increase spending by 1.89 percent over the current year, and will maintain instructional programs and services. The projected tax levy will increase by 1.83 percent, well within the allowable limit of 3.58 percent.

Two trustees were re-elected to the Board of Education: incumbents Meryl Ben-Levy and Cliff Saffron.

Two propositions were also approved by wide margins: Proposition 2, authorizing financing for new school buses and vans and Proposition 3, which authorizes expenditure from an existing capital reserve fund. Approval of these propositions has no additional impact on taxpayers.

Superintendent Allison Brown said, "I am truly humbled by this show of support. It is deeply gratifying to know that public education remains a very high priority in our community even in these uncertain times."

Budget documents and other school budget information are posted in the Business and Finance section of this site.

Complete voting results:

School budget
Yes 1808
No 678

Proposition 2 (school buses)
Yes 1708
No 771

Proposition 3 (capital reserve)
Yes 1792
No 660

Board candidates
Ben-Levy 2054
Saffron 1992