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Budget Vote on June 9

Voting by mail-in ballot only in 2020

MAY 20, 2020 - The proposed 2020-21 school budget for the Roslyn Public Schools calls for an increase in the tax levy of 1.83 percent, as presented by a unanimous Board of Education to the voters of the school community. 

The budget of $115,330,236 will increase spending by 1.89 percent over the current year, and will maintain instructional programs and services. The projected tax levy will increase by 1.83 percent, well within the allowable limit of 3.58 percent. This will be the eleventh consecutive year that Roslyn’s budget has been below the tax levy limit imposed by the state, which is four years longer than the budget "cap" has been required by law. The school tax levy has risen an average of about one percent per year over the last decade.

The district is in a very strong financial position to withstand the economic hardship of the Covid-19 pandemic. Roslyn receives a small portion of its funding from New York State, so if there are reductions in school aid, the district will do everything possible to minimize the impact on our programs and services. Reserve funds, which have been set aside by the Board of Education prudently and by design over many years, will be applied as needed to maintain programs and keep the tax levy steady, to the greatest extent possible.

The budget originally prepared by the administration has been reduced by nearly $1 million in mostly non-instructional expenses, in response to the current economic situation. In addition, savings from reduced operating expenses during the spring’s extended closure are being used to purchase materials, equipment and supplies that will be needed to re-open school safely in the fall, as well as address potential revenue shortfalls in 2020-21.

The proposed budget:

  • is well below New York’s tax levy limit (“tax cap”).
  • commits to continued strong fiscal health, as confirmed by audit and fiscal-stress reports by the NYS Comptroller, and a high bond rating.
    supports current instructional, athletic and extra-curricular programs.
  • sustains high academic standards that result in a 100% graduation rate and more than 90% of graduates attending 4-year colleges.
  • continues the district’s ongoing program of capital and security improvements district-wide, in addition to new health and safety measures.

In addition to the school budget (Proposition 1), the following will also be on the ballot:

  • Election of two trustees to the Board of Education. Two candidates have filed petitions to run for two at-large seats: Clifford Saffron and Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy.
  • Proposition 2 authorizes financing for new school buses and vans, continuing the district's ongoing program of replacing the oldest vehicles in the district's bus fleet. The cost is included in the regular school budget. Therefore, approval of this proposition will have no additional impact on taxpayers.
  • Proposition 3 authorizes the district to establish a capital reserve fund for improvements to the district’s facilities. Funding would be from surplus monies, if any, in annual school budgets beginning with the current year. Therefore, approval of this proposition will have no additional impact on taxpayers.

Budget documents and other school budget information are posted in the Business and Finance section of this site.

Voter Information

The budget vote on June 9, 2020 will be conducted by mail-in ballot only. Every qualified voter in the school district will be sent a ballot by mail with a postage-paid return envelope. The ballot must be returned by mail and received by the district clerk by 5:00pm on June 9, 2020

To vote, an individual must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years old, a resident of the Roslyn School District for at least 30 days, and registered to vote in advance of election day. For additional information, please contact the District Clerk at 801-5002.  

Prospective voters may register to vote with the local county board of elections by completing an online application with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at

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