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World Language Assemblies at Roslyn Elementary Schools

East Hills and Harbor Hill elementary schools each hosted a World Language Assembly for fifth-grade students to kick off their decision-making process about which language to study when they advance to middle school next year.

World Language Chair Danielle Pappas, along with Spanish teachers Tami Cutler and Norell Agusti, Mandarin teacher Huichee Yeh, and French teacher Milva Franz, gave students a brief introduction to each language and taught them some new words and songs. Students had fun trying to speak foreign words and left the assemblies excited about learning a new language.

Huichee Yeh  French teacher Milva Franz introduces fifth-graders to her class mascot Pierre the baguette 
Mandarin teacher Huichee Yeh teaching students new words.            French teacher Milva Franz introduces her class mascot, Pierre the baguette.

tami Cutler    Norell Agusti   
Spanish teacher Tami Cutler teaching a bit of espanol.                          Spanish teacher Norell Agusti wore a traditional dress and brought a matador cape and a sombrero. 

The Language Dept
Left to right: World Language Chair Danielle Pappas, French teacher Milva Fran, Mandarin teacher Huichee Yeh, and Spanish teacher Norell Agusti