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RHS Students Attend North Shore Shakespeare Festival

All the world was a stage for the Roslyn High School Royal Crown Players at the North Shore Shakespeare Festival at Long Island University (LIU) on Friday, March 17, 2023.

The festival was hosted by LIU Professor Dr. Valerie Pye and coordinated by Music Teacher and Royal Crown Players' Director Ms. Christina Cinnamo. Eleven Roslyn students prepared and performed two scenes, one from Romeo and Juliet and the other from Twelfth Night, engaging in theatrical workshops with LIU's Musical Theatre students currently concentrating on intensive Shakespearean study. 

“Dr. Pye provided students with a fantastic learning experience!” said Ms. Christina Cinnamo. “She emphasized that when it comes to Shakespeare, we can look to Voltaire for inspiration and make sure that we don't allow "perfect" to become the enemy of "good." 

acting in action