Welcome to ESL 2.

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    Class Description

    ESL 2 is a course designed for intermediate English-as-a-Second Language students. The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are further developed. These four skills will be integrated into a variety of activities to reinforce, key vocabulary, grammatical structures and ideas. Creative, active and varied exercises, as well as out-of-class projects and assignment will call for considered opinion and critical thinking. American culture and customs presented and discussed and contrasted with students' native culture.  This course meets the New York State Common Core English Language Arts Learning Standards.

    Grading Policy

    Report Card Grades are based on the following:
    • Tests/Quizzes 30%
    • Projects/Writing Assignments 20% 
    • Homework 20%
    • Class Participation 20%
    • Prepared for Class 10%