• Safety & Security are Always on Our Agenda

    Allison Brown, Superintendent of Schools

    It is not as though we needed reminding about the critical importance of school security, but the recent shooting incidents at a high school in Colorado and on a college campus in North Carolina have once again brought the issue front and center. 
    We've taken many steps to make our schools safer and more secure. We now have secure vestibules and intercom entry systems, updated communication systems and upgraded security procedures in all buildings. We have frequent consultations with local law enforcement on a variety of issues. We are enhancing our technology every year to better protect our buildings and improve emergency warning systems. We conduct many drills throughout the year at all levels to increase our preparedness. We have trained our staff in a variety of emergency procedures and protocols. And with the hiring of additional security personnel, all former law enforcement officers, we have built a very strong security team which is on patrol throughout the district, both inside and out, every day and during special events.

    In my messages to parents about security, I try very hard to strike a balance between sounding excessively concerned on the one hand and overly complacent on the other. While we have instituted more and better security measures than at any time in the past, and are more vigilant than ever, I never want to leave the impression that we are totally confident that we've done everything we could possibly do. 

    Honestly, I do worry. The safety and security of students and staff is on my agenda every day, but not to the point that it pushes aside all of the other important educational issues we must address. Building and maintaining a strong security infrastructure is a process that will continue indefinitely. I cannot emphasize enough that we are constantly reviewing and updating our systems and procedures. Everything that happens, both in Roslyn and around the country, is an opportunity to re-examine what we've done so far and plan for the days ahead.
    May 16, 2019

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