Board of Education

  • BOE Team

    Members of the Board of Education: President Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy
    Vice President
    Michael Levine, David Dubner, Alison Gilbert, Robert Koonin, David Seinfeld and Bruce G. Valauri



                                                                                           Monday, August 11, 2022  at 8:00 am 

    As authorized by Legislation, signed by Governor Kathy Hochul on September 2, 2021, and as extended, by subsequent Executive Order, this meeting is being held remotely by videoconferencing and the public will not be permitted to attend the meeting in-person. The meeting will be video broadcasted in order to provide the public with the ability to view or listen to the meeting. This meeting will also be recorded and later transcribed in accordance with Chapter 417 of the New York Laws of 2021

    The meeting may be accessed at the following link:

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