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2023 ACCELerator Pitch Night

Six Roslyn High School teams took the stage at Roslyn Middle School on Wednesday, May 24, 2023 to introduce their start-up company ideas at ACCELerator Pitch Night 2023. The Roslyn sharks were blown away with the professionalism and level of showmanship each team performed.

First place was awarded to Team Ollie (Dylan Bass, Eliza Garmise, Skylar Glick, Emma Yedvab). Ollie is a teddy bear that teaches core values and positive attributes through play, empowering children to beneficially engage in learning through technology.

Second place went to Team Clutch (Ben Eshaghian, Mason Goodstadt, Lior Sapir, and Zach Sheena). Clutch is the only social media platform solely dedicated to the debate and discussion of sports. Third place went to Team Quest (Nicole Granovsky, Jack May, and Henry Weinschel). Quest is a study tool that connects students by encouraging collaboration, helping everyone get smarter together. 

“These young entrepreneurs did Roslyn proud!” said teacher Jennifer DiPietro. “They pitched like professionals and intelligently fielded the shark's questions with confidence. All the teams should be thrilled with their pitches. This was our best one yet!”

Prior to pitch night, Team Ollie visited Harbor Hill Elementary school to introduce their idea to Ms. Harwin's first grade class. 

first place winners Team Ollie at HH