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Reconnect Day at RHS

Roslyn High School hosted their second annual Reconnect Day on May 18, 2023. The program was inspired in 2021, following a school-wide project on Cohen's Strong Bully prevention program, and created to raise awareness about being an upstander— someone who intervenes on behalf of a person being attacked or bullied.

This year, the Student's United For Safer Schools (SUSS) Club invited other clubs to participate in their efforts, including, The Diversity Club, The Muslim Discussion Group, The Art Club, and the Mental Health and Awareness Club. Beginning in late January, each club met monthly in the high school library to share ideas and create presentations with activities that connected to specific themes. 

Reconnect Day began with a light breakfast reception, followed by several guest speakers. Donna Rosenblum (Glen Cove Holocaust & Tolerance Center) shared a testimonial from a Holocaust Survivor in a presentation called "Irving's Story." A panel from Alexander's Angels (an organization that promotes awareness about Down Syndrome) shared their personal stories of empowerment, success, and love. The rest of the program, focused on self-care and wellness, included a presentation about self-care and coping with adversity from Courtney Katon-Donegal of the Long Island Crisis Center. She was followed by Dr. Fauer from Northwell Health, who led a discussion about social media.  

The Art Club did a presentation on Neurographic Art therapy and provided students with amazing coloring packets. The Mental Health Awareness Club gave a presentation about mental wellness and hosted a bingo activity. The Diversity Club and Muslim Discussion group gave presentations on Cultural Competence, and the SUSS Team wrapped up the program by presenting on school safety.  

“Reconnect Day was a great success this year, well attended by the students and faculty of Roslyn High School,” said Club Advisor Kinshasa Allen. “It truly encouraged all participants to respect others and embrace diversity.”