Honors Earth Science

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    Welcome to Earth Science Honors. 

    Earth Science Honors is an accelerated course offered to those students who demonstrate outstanding ability and achievement in Science 7. Earth Science Honors is a rigorous course, requiring honors projects. It culminates with the Earth Science Regents Examination in June. Students enrolled in this course must be prepared for enriched studies in celestial motion, plate tectonics, insolation, the rock cycle, the water cycle, meteorology, and the interpretation of geologic history.

    Students must pass the course and the Regents examination in order to earn one high school credit. The Regents grade and final course grade will become part of the student's high school transcript and will be calculated in the student's high school grade point average. Since this is an honors, accelerated course in science, the student's success will depend upon a high degree of ability, motivation, and effort. 

    Earth Science Honors students must receive a 90 or better final average and demonstrate excellent skills to be recommended for a science honors course in grade 9. Successful students may continue an honors sequence in the Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, and Advanced Placement courses in grades 11 & 12. Science electives and research courses may be taken as well. Those wishing to take a less rigorous program may proceed from this course to Regents courses in the Living Environment, Chemistry, and Physics.