Welcome to Middle School Science Department!

  • The science program at Roslyn Middle School is designed to engage and challenge students and build upon their study of science from Harbor Hill and East Hills.

    All students will begin in Science 6 where the focus of study is the Scientific Method and Life Science. Click on the link to the right for more information about the course.

    In 7th Grade students continue the application of the Scientific Method and focus on the chemistry of matter and physical properties of matter.  This includes the study of motion, forces, simple machines as well as atoms, phase changes and the Periodic Table. 

    In Engineering Technology 7, students get their first exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts through our PLTW Gateway program.  There are several construction projects that students will complete to understand these concepts in addition to learning how to use CAD software for drawing and design.

    As students enter 8th Grade they have the opportunity to select either Science 8 or Accelerated Honors Earth Science.  Both courses terminate with a state assessment, either the ILSA or Earth Science Regents Exam.  Students and parents should take careful consideration in determining which placement is best.

    Students will also continue their study of STEM Concepts in Engineering Technology 8, working on more sophisticated projects, including rocketry and robotics.


    Gary Ramonetti
    Science & Technology Chairperson