Welcome to the Roslyn Middle School

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                   Christopher Roth
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    MMS Welcome to the Roslyn Middle School, where diverse and talented students enjoy a nurturing and enriching atmosphere on a daily basis. There is a dynamic energy that greets an individual who visits our building and I believe that this is produced by the positive and humanistic interactions which occur among our students and staff within a challenging and inviting learning environment. 

    We embrace the philosophy of the Roslyn Public Schools which is to provide an inspiration for every child to continue a lifelong quest for truth and knowledge. During this journey we recognize the right of each student to learn to capacity, to grow in intellect, to mature emotionally, to develop an aesthetic appreciation of the world and to accept responsibilities to self and to others. 

    The talented faculty of the Roslyn Middle School delivers our extensive and wide-ranging curriculum in a caring and professional manner. A walk through our corridors would afford a visitor an opportunity to observe interdisciplinary activities in our vibrant library, cooperative learning activities in interesting subject area classrooms, hands-on science experiments in our six laboratories, the exploration of technology in our five computer labs, and physical education classes in our gymnasium based on the principle of teaching skills necessary to lead a healthy life. 

    Our auditorium, chorus room and music suite are alive with the sounds of band, orchestra and vocal music students as they prepare for the frequent performances and competitions scheduled throughout the year. A visit to our art studios would reveal students reaching for their creative potential under the guidance of their instructors. The arts are an integral component of our school. 

    The discerning visitor would observe a respect for the educational process and the dignity of all individuals. It is what we strive for. 

    Mms night We are able to meet the challenge of middle school education due to a partnership which involves faculty, students, parents and community. The Roslyn Middle School Parent Faculty Association is a vital part of this relationship, with many PFA members serving on both school and district committees. 

    Our motto is: Promoting lifelong learning through social, emotional and intellectual development. The Roslyn Middle School is dedicated to the recognition that our students are the most valuable asset of our community. We also believe that high expectations are a cornerstone of school excellence. It is with a great deal of confidence that we support our students in meeting these expectations.