• Middle School Alternate Transportation Requests


    Alternate transportation forms are only granted for athletes who have extenuating circumstances.

    The athletic department understands that this may cause scheduling difficulties. However, the coaches and athletic director are trying to stress to our athletes the importance of team cohesion. Although it may be a small part, riding the bus as a team increases unity and limits some players' decision to selectively be part of the team. 

    Riding the bus allows the coach to discuss team goals and strategy and is also a place where the coach may review the game with players to motivate them, congratulate them, or console them. This time is special to athletes and their coach and we are trying to create an atmosphere with little interruption.

    Alternate transportation form requests must be made to the middle school principal, Mr. Johanson, by contacting the middle school main office at 516-801-5200 or via email, cjohanson@roslynschools.org. All requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to the contest. Alternate transportation forms will only be approved after speaking with Mr. Johanshon.