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Roslyn Students Attend Naturalization Ceremony

Nearly fifty Roslyn middle and high school students were invited by Federal Judge Joseph Biancoto to attend a naturalization ceremony at the Central Islip Courthouse on Friday, December 2, 2022, where over one hundred people from thirty-three countries were sworn in as citizens of the United States. Many more Roslyn students took part by watching a livestream of the ceremony from both the middle and high school. 

The students were accompanied by Social Studies Chair Paul Rosenboom, RMS social studies teacher Peter Lizza and RHS music teacher Christina Cinnamo, who directed representatives of the RHS chorus to perform America the Beautiful. Following the ceremony, students participated in a scripted mock trial exercise in the judge’s courtroom, taking on the roles of judge, plaintiff, witness, defendant, and attorney. 

“This experience is part of our ongoing synergy with the Nassau County Bar Association,” said Social Studies Chair Paul Rosenboom. “Being a witness to this ceremony served as the culmination of our debate unit, which is devoted to the complexities that characterize the immigration issue in America, as well as the different perspectives on it. The ceremony and Judge Bianco's passionate words were an inspiration to our students.”

“Providing our students with real-life exposure into the citizenship process gives them a greater appreciation of what it means to be an American citizen,” said Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education Michael Goldspiel. “It was a tremendous learning opportunity for everyone involved.”

Students watching naturalization ceremony