• Ghosts
    By Raina Telgemeier



    .The book is about a girl who moved to a new town because her sister has breathing problems and the town they moved to is filled with ghosts.  I really like the pictures in this book and would recommend it.
    Grade 7    Rating: A

    This book revolves around the theme of " judging a book by it's cover", metaphorically. I like this book because the dark colors, towards the beginning of the book, and the lighter colors , at the end, helped me determine what the mood of the story was.  The graphic novel "Ghosts" is great.    
    Grade 7    Rating: A

    .I think the book "Ghosts" is a very exciting book.  It's about Maya and how they moved to a new town.  Maya has a disorder which is the reason they moved.  The town they move to is a town that is very friendly to ghost. Who come back and they make new friends.  I really like the coloring of the book and there was not much that I didn't like.
    Grade 7  Rating: A