• RMS Library Resources

    How well do you know your new library? 

    We are home to varied selection of dynamic tools, resources, and activities that can help enhance and energize any lesson with technology integration and hands-on creative learning opportunities. Below ia a list of the resources we have to offer.


    • 25 laptops (that print to a library printer)
    • Online Lightboxes - Teacher resource
    • Online Collections— Teacher resources (websites, videos, lessons, etc.)
    • Online Databases 
    • 20 ipads (List of apps being used)
    • MakerSpace/ Electronic Items (List of inventory
    • 3 zSpace 3D computers (List of built in lessons)


    To Access the online Catalog, Lightbox’s, and Collection’s

    1) go to: https://search.follettsoftware.com/metasearch/ui/72377/

    2) Select “Log In” on the top right hand side. username: bulldog password: bulldog