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      We need books and libraries. It's simply a fact.
      Check out what Neil Gaiman thinks about books and librarians!



    We at the Roslyn Middle School Library have teamed up with the English department to create a space for students to document and review their own reading. (Pretty cool, right?) This way, students can share their thoughts and opinions in order to help future students decide what to read.


    So How Does This Thing Work Anyway?

     Great question, student!


    Through the magic of QR codes, of course! What is that, you ask? A QR, or Quick Response code, is similar to a bar code, but square! (Science!) What it does is, when scanned, it provides you with information about the object to which it is attached. In this case, the object will of course be a book in our library. You following?


    QR CODE ⇐ A QR code in it's natural habitat!



    Ok, cool! So how do I get on this?


    It's easy: download Inigma (or another QR scanner app) to your cell phone, scan the QR code attached to the book of your choice, and you're in !!


    Inigma app logo    ⇐ Inigma App Logo


    Want to be festured on our site?


    Talk to your english teacher about publishing a review on a book you've read, submit it to him/her, and you're live!