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East Hills Celebrates Red Nose Day

The students, faculty, and staff at East Hills Elementary School raised a whopping $12,411.60 for this year’s Red Nose Day—held Thursday, May 25, 2023. This is the largest amount they’ve raised to date. Red Nose Day is a nationwide annual fundraising campaign to help end the cycle of child poverty and ensure a healthy future for all children. It was created by the nonprofit, Comic Relief.

Various fundraising efforts were held throughout the month of May at East Hills, most notably, Stuck for a Buck —where Principal Sherry Ma was taped to the wall for dollar donations. The school also hosted a pretzel sale and a paint night. Many children fundraised on their own—selling bracelets, hosting bake-sales, and setting up snack stands.

Teacher Jodi Zambell started Red Nose Day at East Hills because she believed in the core message, which is about being happy and showing compassion for others. Each May, she turns her classroom into Red Nose Day headquarters. On Thursday, many wore red clothing and crazy hair. Each grade took turns on the field, posing for pictures with red noses, dancing to music, and having a really fun time.

“Our grand total over the past 8 years now exceeds $52,000,” said Ms. Zambell. “I am so proud of the children in this school. The lemonade stands, bracelet stands, and snack stands were just amazing, and we had a great day wearing red, showing off our silly hair, and celebrating our accomplishments!”

East Hills has been fundraising for Red Nose day since it started in the United States in 2015. In 2021, Comic Relief recognized the schools’ extraordinary fundraising by donating a Red Nose Day bench in front of the school building.

jodi's class kids with noses

sherry taped to wall