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Roslyn Elementary Schools Celebrate Black History Month

During the month of February, elementary students across the Roslyn School District learned about the stories and achievements of African Americans.

At Heights, students took part in an interactive challenge called the Black History Month Scavenger Game. Each day, classroom teachers received three envelopes with clues about a celebrated Black American. After the name of the person was revealed, the class searched for a photo of that person in the hall. 

Heights students

Harbor Hill Elementary School hosted different Black History Month lessons for every grade. Ms. Denig’s class enjoyed a class read-aloud of Mae Among the Stars, while Ms. Hendler’s class learned the story of Ruby Bridges.

Ms. Denig Class Ms. Hendler’s class

East Hills Elementary School held a school wide event to celebrate Black History Month and highlighted an African American individual twice each week. All classes are read The Oldest Student, and the fifth grade created art projects.

Read aloud murals