About Heights School

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    Heights School is an early childhood center in Roslyn serving children in grades pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and grade 1. Class size is approximately 18 in pre-kindergarten and the low 20's in kindergarten. Each kindergarten classroom is staffed by a teacher and full time teacher assistant.Heights School Support services include our nurse, school psychologist, ENL teacher, social worker and speech/language clinicians. In addition to regular classroom activities, children receive instruction in physical education, music, computer, art/ STEAM and library through teachers certified in those particular subject areas. Lunch is an integral part of our program and is carefully supervised by staff.

    Heights School curriculum is consistent with current knowledge about how young children learn and develop. Active, experiential learning opportunities are presented in meaningful contexts. The curriculum is integrated, stressing cooperative learning and reflecting the interests and suggestions of children. Study centers, projects and playful activities are highlighted in each classroom. Children are provided with exciting experiences which challenge them to use and develop their thinking skills and to identify and solve problems that interest them. Opportunities are present for children to work in large and small groups as well as individually. Interactive conversations are encouraged and teachers continually seek to extend children's ideas and stimulate their thinking.Heights School

    At Heights, our goal is to establish in children a sense of academic and social competence. Positive relationships with children are honed through daily contact with school staffing that is kind, fair and helpful. Adults model appropriate behavior, set clear limits and involve children in establishing rules. Expectations are flexible and responsive to individual differences.

    Parents are integral partners in their children's education. Communication is frequent and interactions are productive. PFA sponsored activities, parent workshops, parent-teacher conferences and parental participation in classrooms enable parents and school staff to exchange ideas, share expertise and to establish close bonds of trust and mutual understanding.

    In addition to offering Roslyn's pre-kindergartners and kindergartners fertile ground for growth, Heights School also serves as a visitation site for educators throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. During the school year representatives from numerous public school districts observe in Heights classrooms.Heights School

    Heights staff is consistently attentive to their own professional development, actively pursuing in-service coursework and college study. In addition, teachers and administrator present workshops at professional conferences and offer in-service training to teachers and administrators in neighboring districts. Memberships in professional organizations are numerous and leadership positions are achieved.

    The status of lifelong learner is sought by all at Heights School.