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EH Students Stand Out in Math Olympiad

East Hills School Math Olympians Students from East Hills School were among the nearly 150,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiad program.  They participated in five monthly contests of five problems each, from November to March, and weekly practice sessions under the supervision of East Hills Enrichment teacher Suzanne Falcone, who taught the children to solve unusual and difficult problems and to think creatively.  The students responded well and were all recognized for their participation.  Eighteen of the Mathletes from East Hills won national awards for excellence within the Elementary Division for grades 4-6.  

The embroidered felt patch (*) is awarded to those in the top 50% of all the participants.  East Hills’ Michael Chen and Caitlin Lee scored in the top 10% and were awarded with silver pins (**). Ethan lee received a trophy and gold pin (***) for scoring in the top 2% and for having the highest overall score on the East Hills Team.