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Roslyn High School Cafeteria 2011

OCT 3, 2011 — The Roslyn High School cafeteria reopened for the start of the new school year earlier this month, having undergone a thorough transformation since last spring.

The mission for the architect was simple: Build a new modern facility that resembles a college union and create the transformation for the beginning of the school year.RHS Cafeteria

Those who were familiar with the old cafeteria, which was split between the main cafeteria and the snack bar, will find the new space dramatically different from before. In addition to creating considerably more seating capacity, the cafeteria is now more inviting and "user-friendly", with a new mall-like serving area, counter space and an outdoor seating area in the adjacent courtyard. New meal offerings, including fresh pizza, are intended to entice more students to stay on campus. Like the rest of the high school, the space is wifi-enabled, and there is ample capacity for students to recharge their electronic devices, many of which are used as learning tools throughout the day. Improved lighting and multimedia capabilities will also make the space a focal point of the building for meetings and special events.

On Homecoming Saturday, October 1, Roslyn High School hosted a special opening ceremony for the cafeteria, including a performance by members of the Marching Band and a ribbon cutting.

Update: Cafeteria Wins Design Award
An award for the design of the cafeteria was presented to the Board of Education by Erik Kaeyer of KGD architects on November 7, 2013.