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Update: August 2017

AUGUST 23, 2017 - All of our buildings will be ready for students on the first day of school. If you've driven by Harbor Hill School and Roslyn High School in recent days, you have no doubt seen a great deal of construction activity. School construction always follows a very ambitious schedule, with only weeks to complete a great deal of work. In order to meet this aggressive timetable, some projects were in fact begun prior to the summer, and others, according to plan, will continue into the new school year. While construction is often inconvenient, we have done our utmost to minimize the impact and to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the first day of school on Tuesday, September 5.
Let's look at the buildings one by one:
Roslyn High School: Most interior renovation work will be completed before school begins, including new floors, ceilings, lighting and walls throughout the hallways. All instructional spaces will be cleaned and ready. Outside, curbs, sidewalks, drive lanes, signage, storm water control and faculty, student and visitor parking areas will be complete. A few large projects will be finished in the early fall, including the new regulation gymnasium and the installation of air conditioning, which will both be substantially complete by the beginning of September. Construction of the new entrance canopy and security vestibule will also continue into the beginning of the year; this work will be done after hours, with safe and secure access maintained at all times. There will be various finishing work done throughout the building, none of which will affect the school day, and landscaping will of course not be undertaken until all of the exterior work is done. Finally, the expansion of the library/media center, the largest single interior project in the building, will continue for several more months, as anticipated. A temporary library has been set up in the English wing.
Harbor Hill School: The new multi-purpose room will be completed for the start of school. All interior renovations will also be completed, with the exception of the library/media center. All work around the front entrance plaza, the new security vestibule, and sidewalks will be complete, though some exterior finish work on the new entrance canopy as well as the multi-purpose room will be completed in the fall. The entrance will remain secure at all times, and no disruption to classes or activities is expected. As anticipated, the playing fields will not be available until the spring of 2018, at the earliest, to allow the fields to be properly finished and seeded. Window installations, including replacement of the green-framed windows adjacent to the main entrance, will continue after hours in the fall, with no disruption to the school day.
Heights School: Construction will begin shortly on a new main entrance, library/media center and main office suite. A staging area has been set up in the paved area at the rear of the school but the building has been otherwise undisturbed, other than routine summer cleaning and maintenance. The playground and fields will be accessible, and there will be no disruption to classes or activities. When construction begins, a temporary, secure connection between the two wings of the building will be built. In the summer of 2018, more extensive interior renovations and site work will take place.

Administrative staff from Roslyn High School and Harbor Hill School are in the process of returning to their offices from temporary summer locations in other buildings. However, the buildings will probably not be accessible to visitors until the first day of school. We urge you to contact the school before visiting. All staff members can be reached by phone and email.
Once again, parents should be assured that we are on target to open school on time, and to do so safely and securely. You may recall that the district undertook major projects at East Hills School and Roslyn Middle School last summer, and both buildings were ready to go on the first day of the new year. We will be ready!
Thank you to parents and residents for their support of these projects and for your ongoing cooperation with the minor inconveniences that are necessary to maintain safety during construction.