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RHS Student Creates Crafts Program for Kids in Homeless Shelters

Roslyn High School freshman Caroline Faber is using her artistic talent to bring a bit of joy to children living in homeless shelters. Last year, she created a platform called Craft with Me to teach children various crafting projects. Once a month—with help from Amazon Wish List donations—she sends each shelter a complete box of art supplies to be used in her weekly Zoom art classes. She personally hosts nine sessions per week and has over a dozen volunteers hosting their own weekly workshops.

Crafting is a great way for kids to use their imagination while providing a therapeutic component,” said Caroline. “It is amazing to watch the relationship-building among children from totally different worlds and backgrounds.”

Roslyn art teacher Jacqueline Llewellyn said, “Caroline is an amazing student who finds great joy in lifting others. She’s found an incredible way to use her time during the pandemic to do something kind and meaningful.”

Fellow Roslyn student-volunteers from both the high school and the middle school include: Elle Kaplan, Eli Klein, Hayden Levy, Carly Freeman, Morgan Sohmer, Ananya Bakshiand, and  Olivia Goldman.

To learn more about her initiative and/or donate art supplies to the program, visit the website at: 


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