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RHS Students Receive Mini-Research Grant from NYIT

Roslyn High School students Zachary Davidson and Justin Margulies have been selected for the Sixth Annual NYIT Mini-Research Grant Award in the amount of $300.00 for their research proposal, “Effects of Gyro Stabilization on Hand Steadiness and Dexterity.” The Grant Review committee determined their submission to have scientific merit and potential impact in the STEM fields, including health. The idea for the project was inspired by one of Zach's relatives who struggled with tremors.         

"It's wonderful to see Zach and Justin's hard work pay off!” said Dr. Allyson Weseley, Roslyn School District’s Coordinator of Secondary Research. “Testing of their gyroscopic glove proved that it did, in fact, increase hand stability. Money from this grant will help offset the expense of building the prototype. This recognition truly underscores the value of their work.”

testing the glove