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All masked up and ready to play!

Over the past year, Roslyn High School sophomore Sophie Weisman created and donated over 500 masks to teachers, classmates, and her senior friends at the Deepdale Cares Senior Center, where, for the past four years, she and her sister Sydney have volunteered teaching art classes. During the pandemic, they stayed connected with the seniors by teaching via zoom.

Once the Roslyn High School Marching Band was given the green light to gather and play instruments, Sophie decided to put her skills to use to create a mask prototype for the woodwind and brass instrument players. With help from two band moms, Sophie cut enough material to sew hundreds of masks in record time, ensuring the band's ability to play on. Her masks were made in accordance with all CDC and New York State regulations and allow her fellow student musicians to stay safe while comfortably playing and performing. 

“With many schools around the country reopening, band music programs are greatly in need of proper protective equipment to limit aerosol transmission and safely resume in person instruction,” said Roslyn High School Music Teacher Frank Mauriello. “We are so thankful for the countless hours Sophie spent creating these special masks. Her dedication, creativity, and passion for the band helped us get back to making music in person again!”

sophie and her masks  playing music