• cont. Final Review

    Partial Final Exam review

    Review Sheet for Quiz on Johnson and Nixon

    HW for Wednesday May 16

    Review Sheet for Quiz


    Questions for Vietnam Handout due Friday

    HW for Friday May 11



    NOTE:  For those of you who were not present on Tuesday, the following are instructions for the essay you will write on Monday:

    For the test essay, you will have your choice of essays - How did US policy attempt to stop the spread of communism? 

    or  How did the Cold War affect life in the US?

    If you choose the first, the essay should have an intro, including basic information about the historical context.  In other words, the basics of the Cold War - who, what, when, where? The body of the essay should describe the policy of containment and the 3 pronged strategy of the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan and NATO.  Then you should write a conclusion.

    If you choose the second essay, then after the introduction - the basics of the Cold War including who, what, when, where? - you would write about Mccarthyism, fear of spies(the Rosenbergs) the arms race, including duck and cover, education focusing on science and math because of Sputnik, and son.  You should also have a conclusion.  

    Please view the slides under lessons for guidance in preparing.


    Please complete the two HWs below on time!

    HW for Thursday - Due Friday 

    Rd pp. 846-849  Apply 4 question model to section called "Cold War Fears"

    Then anbswer question 5 on p.849

    HW for Wednesday  Due Thursday

    Rd pp. 844-846 through Berlin Airlift

    Ans. 3 and 4 on p.849


    Don't forget to study!!!

    Review Sheet



    Do HWs #7 and #8

    HW #8 for Monday

    Rd pp. 779-783

    Ans 2,3,4 on p.783


    HW #7 for Friday

    Rd pp. 773-777

    Ans. 2,3,4,5 on p.777


    HW#6 for Monday 3/5

    758-764 Ans. 1,2 and 5 on p.764.


    HW #5 for Friday 3/2


    Ans 2,3,4, and 6 on p.757.


    HW #4 for Thursday 3/1

    Rd. pp. 750-753

    Answer 4,5,6 on p.753.


    Review for Midterm;  WW1ImperialismIndustry and the West; 

    Causes of the Civil War and Reconstruction were done in class without outlines. Review those lesson slides.



    First three HWs for the new quarter: Please record the # of the HW and the pages.  Please hand in HWs on time!!! You have only a one day grace period.

    Beyond that, no HWs will be accepted.

    HW#3 Rd pp. 724-727

    Ans. 2,3,6 on p.727  Due Tuesday

    HW #2  Rd pp. 718-722 Due Monday

    Ans. 3,4,5,7 on p.723  Read 710-711 for military history.

    HW #1  Rdpp712-717

    Ans. 2,4,5 on 717  Due Friday


    HW for Tuesday  1/23

    Rd. pp  678-683

    Ans. ques. 2,3,4 and 5 on p.683.


     HW for Monday 1/22

    Rd.pp.674-677  Ans. 1,2 and 3 on p.677


    HW for Tuesday, January 16: Study for Quiz.  You are responsible for all the material covered in the posted notes under Progressivism and Women and Reform.  A review sheet is forthcoming. Review Sheet.


    IMPORTANT:  HW for Weekend:  Sorry, my beloved students.  To stay on track, I need to give this weekend assignment.  This is the last HW on progressivism.  It will count twice!

    Rd pp. 657-661.

    Answer 1,2 and 3 on p.661.


    HW for Monday, January 8

    Rd.pp. 643-647

    Ans. 1 and 2 on p. 647  Due Tuesday

    Ans. 3 and 4 on p.647  Due Wednesday

    Ans. 5 on p.647  Due Thursday


    HW  Review for Quiz on Thursday

    See review sheet:


    HW for Monday, December 11

    Rd pp. 613-616

    Ans. 1,2,3 on p.617


    HW for Thursday November 30

    Ans HW questions 3, 4, 5 on back of today's handout about the Pullman Strike.


    HW for Wednesday

    Finish annotating the document handout.

    Attached is the review sheet for the test. Review


    HW for Tuesday 11/28

    Rd pp. 603-606

    Ans. 1-4 on p.606


     HW for Monday 11/27

    Complete handout - all seven questions.


    HW for Monday  11/20

    Rd pp. 597-599

    Apply the 4 question model to each business giant, Rockefeller and Carnegie


    HW for Thursday  11/16/17


    Outline.  Follow the outline structure and keep notes to words or phrases.  No full sentences! 

    Then read the primary source on p.596 and answer question 2.


     HW for Tuesday 11/14

    Rd pp 584-587

    Ans. 2,3,4,5 on p.587


    HW for Friday 11/3

    Study for Quiz on Tuesday.

    Review Sheet:reviewforwest



    HW for 11/2

    Rd pp. 567-571

    Ans. 1&2 on p.570 and 2,3,and 5 on p.571

    There will be a quiz on Tuesday.  You will get a Review Sheet tomorrow.


     HW for 10/25

    Rd pp 561-565

    Ans. 1,3, and 5 on p.565


    HW for 10/24/17

    Rd pp 553-557

    1. For the section Railroads Connect East and West pp.554-557 apply the four question model.

    2. Continue to write your essays.


    No HW from the text tonight.  Please write your essay.  Refer to today's notes.  Remember,  you need a clearly stated thesis.  That is you priority.  Then write the body paragraphs based on the organization of the thesis statement.

    See the following:Evaluation of Reconstruction  Writing the Essay 



    Study Sheet:

    1. How did Lincoln view the status of the southern states? What was Lincoln's relationship with Congress?  What role did he play in the 13th Amendment?

    2. How did Congress view the status of the former Confederate states?  How did Congress' plan differ from Lincoln's plan?

    3. What are the three fundamental questions regarding Reconstruction?

    4. What were the Black Codes?  What purpose did they serve?

    5. What role did the Freedman's Bureau play?

    6. What was the relationship between Congress and President Johnson?  Why did Congress impeach Johnson?

    7. How did sharecropping restrict economic opportunity for blacks?

    8. What did Congress require of the southern states to rejointhe Union?

    9. How did Congress try to give southern blacks more civil rights?  How did they enforce these laws?

    10. What purpose did the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments serve?

    11. What brought an end to Reconstruction?

    12. After Reconstruction, what methods were used to prevent blacks from voting?

    13. Jim Crow laws and segregation

    14. federalism v. states' rights

    15. What did Booker T. Washington promote to help blacks toward economic independence?




    HW: Rd pp. 539-540.

    Use 4 ques. model


    Great job today discussing whether the US government should have confiscated land from the former slaveonwers and restibuted that land to freedmen.

    You covered all the important angles.  Very impressive!

    NO HW! Enjoy the weekend.

    You should, however, look over the quiz in preparation for the unit exam next Friday on Reconstruction.



    Rd pp 535 through rural economy on p. 539. 

    Why did Northerners begin losing interest in Reconstruction during th egrant administration? (3 reasons)

    What was the effect of the Amnesty Act?

    What problems led to the Democrats gaining seats in the Senate and control of the House in 1874?

    What favirs did the South receive in the Compromise of 1877?

    What was president Hayes' new policy? (p.537)




    NO HW today. 

    Today's quiz was a challenging one. For those of you who struggled, I am always available for extra help.  At extra help, I can see where you went wrong and teach you how to approach certain kinds of questions more effectively.   Remember, it's only a quiz. 




    Please be sure to study the notes I have posted on this site for the quiz tomorrow.  The guide questions below should also be helpful. Today's lesson and notes posted as Reforms During Grant will not be on the quiz.  Read lessons Different Plans and Congress Takes Charge.


     Review Questions for Quiz on Wednesday, October 11:

    What are the three questions the US faced with regard to the southern states after the Civil War?

    What was Lincoln's general approach to these questions?

    What was Lincoln's ten percent plan?

    Describe the political struggle between Presidents Lincoln and Johnson on the one hand and Congress on the other.

    What was the situation of blacks(freedmen) in the South after the Civil War?

    How did Black Codes procee to kep blacks in an inferior position?

    How did Congress respond to the Black Codes?

    What was the Congressional Plan for Reconstruction?

     See the HW below!


    Rd pp. 529-531

    Ans. Ques. 2,3 and 5 on 531.

    Also apply the 4 question model.

    What do you think are the main or ideas?

    What did you find most interesting?

    What questions do you have?

    How is this relevant to you today?




    Rd pp. 522-527

    Answer 2,3 under Main Ideas on p.527.

    Answer 4 and 5 under Critical Thinking on p.527.



    Rd pp. 519-521

    Aftr reading these pages, apply the four question model and fuly answer each question: 

    What are the key ideas?

    What did you find most interesting?

    What question/s do you have?

    How is this relevant to you today?




    Read the two documents and answer questions 2,3,4,5 and 7.Reconstruction sources




    There is no US History HW except for going over the notes.  Also be sure to study the summary review sheet with big ideas and big questions.

    Test on September 28.














    Final HWs.  The last 21 questions.  These come up in order as you read the relevant pages.

    This assignment pertains to the early American civilizations:

    Maya and Aztecs - pp.276-280.

    1. When did Mayan civilization flourish?

    2. What evidence is there that they were a relativly advanced society?

    3. Why did Mayan civilization decline?

    4. How were Mayan cities organized?

    5. Descrbe political power in mayan civilization.

    6. What method of farming did the Maya use that is similar to that used in Japan?

    7. What food products did Mayan society cultivate?

    8. How were later Spaniard conquistadors short-sighted with respect to Mayan records?

    9. How was the design of the mayan pyramid Kukulcan shaped by celectial events?

    10. What was the name of the Aztec capital?

    11. How large  was the Aztec empire?

    12. Describe Aztec government.

    13. What occupations did nobles have?

    14. What goods did the Aztecs trade?

    15. Describe Aztec religion.

    16. In what ways was Aztec civilization advanced?

    Inca - pp 283-285.

    17. What farmong technique did the Inca use that is similar to the at used by the Japanese?

    18. What tool or invention did the Inca, like other people in early America, ot make use of?

    19. How was Incan society regimented?

    20. In what ways were the Inca great builders?

    21. Why is Machu Picchu such a tourict attraction today?









    12. Rd.pp.290-293 Ans. #4 on 295

    13. Rdpp. 294-295  4 ques model

    14. Rdpp. 296-298  4 ques model

    15. Rdpp. 299-301  Ans.#6 on 301  Due Wednesday

    16. Rdpp.306-top308   4 ques model

    17. Rdpp. 308-310  Outline

    18. Rdpp.311-top314  4 ques model

    19. Rdpp. 314-315  Outline   Due May 25.





    Review Sheet for Exam on Feudal Europe

    Review for Feudal Europe

    Essay Questions:

    a.  Why might the Crusades be described as a "successful failure?"(What were the effects of the Crusades on western Europe?) (How were the Crusades a turning point in western European history?)

    b.  How did the activities of the medieval Catholic Church illustrate its status as the most powerful instiutution in medieval western Europe?



     HWs for next two weeks: There is an expectation that due dates will be met.

    1. re-read pp.162-165

    2. Rd 192-195  Outline

    3. Rd. pp.196-top 198 Outline

    4. Rd. pp. 198-200  4 ques model.    

    All above due Tuesday, 4/25 (hard copies)

    5. Rd pp. 201-top 203  4 ques model

    6. Rd pp. 203-205  Outline

    7. Rd pp. 236-239  Outline

    8. Rd p.240  4 ques. model

    HWs 5-8 Due Monday, 5/1

    9. Rd pp. 241-244  4 ques model

    10. Rd pp. 245-247  4 ques model

    11. Rd pp. 248-250  Outline

    12. Rd pp. 251-253  Outline

    HWs 9-12 due 5/8



    HW for 4/5

    Study for Quiz; see attached review sheet.

    Check later for questions related to tomorrow's seminar.

    Review Sheet for Japan quiz

     Seminar questions:Honor and Shame Ques 

    Reading: Honorable Son


    HW for 4/4

    Write your answers on the the seminar question document below. Be prepared to discuss these questions tomorrow.  You will be graded.

    Seminar on Creativity and Innovation


     HW for 4/3:

    Study for Quiz on friday. 

    Prepare for seminar.  Please consider the three questions I raised in class. today. 

    1. Can creativity and inventiveness be taught K-12?

    2. How can America ensure that it remains on the cutting edge of science and technology?

    3. Can artificial intelligence - self-thinking robots - be creative and innovative?

    Additional question:

    Read attached article and consider:

    Is an open and democratic society a pre-requisite to being a leader in creativity and inventiveness? in science and technology?

    China is not an open and democratic society and it is not a leader in innovation and creativity in the sciences.

    But Nazi Germany was not an open and democratic society yet it was a leader in science and technology . 

    What do you think?

    Science and Democracy




    In preparation for next week's seminar on Wednesday, please  view the following videos:  TedTalk Ken Robinson Do schools kill creativity? (about 20 min.), and the following on robots and jobs - Humans Need Not Apply: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pq-S557XQU.

    Please annotate with regard to key ideas, what you find most interesting, a question you have and its relevance to you.

    No Journal Entry this week.  Please hand in Journal entries on Monday.


    HW for 3/29 Japan

    Rdpp.220-222 Outline

    Rdpp.222-224  4 quest. model

    Due Friday!


    Humanities Journal Entries 5&6:

    5. "There are only four questions of value in life.  What is sacred?  Of what is the spirit made?  What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for?"

    The author of these questions had the same answer for all four.  Can you think of one answer for all four?  If not, how would you answer each? 

    6. "Lara...did not believe in rites.  But sometimes, to endure life, she needed it to be accompanied by some inner music." narrator,  Dr. Zhivago

    What do you think is meant here by "inner music?"  Do you listen to an inner music?  What might that be?

    No other HW.   Enjoy the weekend!


    HW for 3/22

    Rd pp 218-219  use 4 question model


    HW for 3/20

    Rd pp 215-top of 218


    Begin Studying Lessons and HWs on Tang and Song Dynasties.


    HW: Read the attached sources and answer the questions after each set.   Chinese Sources


     Humanities Journal Entries 3&4: Respond to the following.

    3. Resentment is like taking a poison and expecting the other person to die.

                                                           Malachy McCourt

    4. What the caterpillar calls the end,  the rest of the world calls a butterfly.

                                                            Lao Tzu



    3/9/17 Continue with HW assignments below AND write your first Humanities Journal entry responses to the following:

    1.  Christian Bale starred in a film called Equilibrium about a dystopian society in which the population is kept permanently medicated to remove passion from their lives.  This allows for a society that doesn't suffer from war or violent crime.  What is lost in a society in which passion has been removed from the human experience?  How would it affect art, love... and what it means to be human?

    2.  "Civilization is not inherited; it has to be learned and earned by each generation anew; if the transmission should be interrupted for one century, civilization would die and we should be savages again."  Will Durant

    The journal requires a short paragraph response but you are free to elaborate if you like.

     Keep a separate journal or simply a separate section in your notebook. These will be submitted at the end of each month.



    New Unit!

    For Thursday:  Rd. pp. 210-212  outline

    For Friday: Rd pp.212 bottom - 213  4 question model

    For Monday: Rd p.214 4 question model





    STUDY THE LESSON NOTES for the TEST and bring me questions!!!  The test will include the Byzantine Empire, the rise of Islam and Islamic Civilization.

    Review Sheet will follow.

    Here is the extra credit for the unit test: Muslim Poetry Extra credit

    Review: Review



    Here is the DBQ.  Please start organizing your answer over the next two days.  It is due on Monday.Fall of Rome DBQ



    2/3/17  Essay Topics: 

    1. Explain the reasons for the fall of the western Roman Empire.  Which do you think were most important?

    2. Does Constantine the Great qualify as a visionary leader?  Consider his victories, his consolidation of power over the empire, and the reasons for his transference of the capital to Constantinople.  See your notes and your text.

    3. Describe how the Romans were influeneced artistically by Greece and how Roman art was similar and different.

    4. Describe the political development and growth in size and influence of the Roman Republic.





    Rd pp. 150-154 The First Christians  Outline   DUE hard copy Monday

    Rd pp 155-158  The Decline and Fall of Rome Outline  Due Hard Copy Tuesday


    1/18/17   Last two HWs for 2nd quarter due Monday:

    Rdpp.139-141  Outline

    Rdpp.142-145  4 question model


    HW for 1/6/17 and for next week. To be submitted hard copy at end of unit.

    Rd.pp. 128-129 Outline 

    Rd. pp. 130-132 Outline  (same submission as above)

    Rd. pp. 133-top of 135  4 question model

    Rd pp. 135-top of 137  4 question model

    Rd pp 137-138   4 question model

    END OF UNIT:  SUBMIT HARD COPY  Please put name on each and staple all HWs.


    HW for 1/4/17

    Rd. pp. 126-128  Outline up to "Roman Political Structure" bottom of p.128.  To be submitted hardcopy at end of unit.


    HW:  Study for Test

    Don't worry about the warning of "more to come" on the review sheet.  The review will suffice as is.

    You are responsible for reviewing your HWs.  Anything form the textbook is fair game but don't panic,  this particular test will be almost entirely from the review sheet.

    Attached is the poetry for extra credit.  Don't let this be a burden; the extra credit is only 2 pts.

    See you tomorrow.  Greek Poetry for E.C.



     Here is the review sheet.  A slightly updated one will follow on Friday afternoon.

    Start studying.  Don't delay.  TEST ON TUESDAY!   Greek Review


    HW for 12/13/16

    Rd pp. 81-82

    apply model to Plato and to Aristotle


    HW for 12/13/16

    Outline pp 76-77  Peloponnesian War

    Rd pp 79-top81:  apply 4 question model; submit electronically;


    No HW for 12/8


     HW #5 for 12/7/16

    Rd pp. 75-76  The Athenian Empire:

    Apply the 4 question model to the sub=sections: "Daily Life in Classical Athens" and "Economy and Society." 

    This HW gets handed in to me tomorrow, hard copy. 

    Regarding your papers, no one should start writing without having submitted to me a thesis statement and an outline.


    HW#4 for  12/6/16

    Read the attached two documents - Pericles" Funeral Oration and Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech and

    1. answer the questions following Pericles' speech

    2. write five to eight sentences comparing the two speeches.

    Pericles' Funeral Oration


    HW#3 for 12/5/16

    Rd pp.70-72  Outline and submit electronically.


    HW for 11/30/16

    Be sure to read the remainder of the Persian slide notes under Lessons;

    I will not be teaching class tomorrow but you will have a sub and an assignment out of a class set of books;

    you must do the assignment;  I probably will not collect it but if i get a sense no one took it seriously, I reserve the right to collect and score it!!!


     HW- 11/29/16 

     Research your topics.

    Submit yesterday's HW on Persia electronically.


    HW #2 for 11/28/16

    Rd pp. 56-59 and outline. The Persian Empire

    Work on your thesis.

    Register with noodle tools.


     China Review Sheet

     Here is the Review Sheet: 


    Study all China lessons for Test on Tuesday.

    Below are the links for philosophy topics. These are the conversations of a modern Aristotelian philosopher named Mortimer Adler.  Your assignment is to read and analyze one of the following and relate them to the writings of two ancient thinkers, such as Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, etc.

    Please see me if you are serious about this.

    More specific directions will be provided if you choose to do one of these. Essentially, you will analyze one of these and relate it to an ancient thinker.

    Thinking About Good and Evil

    Thinking About the Fine Arts

    Thinking About Beauty

    Thinking About Freedom

    Thinking About Love






    HW for 11/16/16

    Study for Test

    I will put up notes for Han Dynasty but they will be updated and added to tomorrow.

    Han Dynasty      Readings



    HW for 11/15/16

    Please start reviewing the lesson notes I have posted under the Lessons section.

    We will have a test on China through the Han Dynasty on Tuesday of next week.

    I will complete the Han Dynasty on Friday and we will review on Monday. You will receive a review sheet tomorrow.

    Tomorrow I will be doing the same lesson I did today for those who attended Challenge Day.


    HW for 11/14/16

    Rd pp. 118-121


    submit electronically


    HW for 11/9/16

    Please be sure to watch the first 40 minutes of this video.  This will enable us to move efficiently through the lesson tomorrow.


    If the link doesn't work, look up youtube video on First Emperor of China.First Emperor


    HW for 11/8/16

    Please read the attached sources and apply the 4 question model to each.  Ignore the text at the bottom of the pages that relates to the textbook I used.

    Sources for China


    NO HW for 11/7/16;  be sure to send me the last HW by email;


    HW for 11/4/16

    Rd pp. 112-113

    Outline:  Daoism and Legalism;

    In addition, clearly and thoughtfully answer the questions on the attached handout related to today's discussion.Virtue in Education and Leadership


    HW for 11/3/16

    Read over Confucius notes and Brooks article.  Come prepared for the seminar tomorrow.


    HW for 11/2/16

    Rd pp 110-112 Confucianism

    Apply  4 Question Model

    Read Brooks article if you haven't already.


    HW for 11/1/16

    Attached is an interesting article by David Brooks.  I hope to discuss Cofucius on Thursday and have a seminar on Friday using this article as a point of departure. Please read this article and reflect on Brooks' main ideas and their relevance for you.

    Brooks article 


    NO HW for 10/31/16

    Enjoy!  But don't get spoiled!


    HW for 10/27/16

    No HW tonight.  Simply review for quiz on Monday.  Be sure to make use of the attached review sheet.

    Review for Quiz


    HW  for 10/26/16

    Rd pp. 38-40

    Outline section on Zhou Dynasty

    Submit hard copy.


    HW for 10/25/16

    Rd pp 36-38

    Outline sections entitled: "The Impact of Geography," and "The Shang Dynasty." Do not submit electronically.


    HW for 10/24/16

    Rd pp. 103-105.

    Create a chart for Ancient Indian Accomplishments: Literature,  Architecture, Science and Mathematics and record notes under each as well as one question for each category.  Please submit hard copy.  Do not submit electronically this time.


    HW for 10/21/16 

    Enjoy the weekend! NO HW.


    HW for 10/18 and 10/19/16



    HW for 10/17/16

    Rd pp. 100-103

    Outline and submit electronically along with the last HW if you have not already done so.

    Study for Test on Friday

    Topics: Egyptians, Hebrews and India; See review sheet for Test 2:  ReviewTest2


    HW for  10/14/16

    Rd. pp. 96-99 on Buddhism  Apply the 4 question model.  We will discuss on Monday.  Submit electronically.


    HW for 10/11/16  Due Friday!!

    Rd.pp.92-95  Answer in writing.  I will check this HW and the last one at the beginning of the period.

    1.  How did the caste system affect one's occupation and economic potential?

    2.  Does social class in America determine one's type of occupation a well as economic potential? Does social class in America define you?

    3.  Briefly expalin in 3-5 sentences how caste and religion are intertwined in ancient India.

    4. Describe two aspects of the Early Practice of Hinduism.

    5.  What three principles of Hinduism are most interesting to you?

    In light of the holiday, this will not be due Thursday but Friday.


    HW for 10/7/16

    Rd.pp. 32-35 Outline.  Do not submit but be prepared to show me your HW on Tuesday.


    Evans and Knossos

    HW for 10/6/16:

    Rd p. 31 of your text on the Minoan Civilization in Crete.

    Then view images from the Minoan palace at Knossos in the attached powerpoint.  Answer the question on the last page of the powerpoint.



    The psalms are widely considered a literary masterpiece; they beautifully express profound religious feeling.

    Attached is Psalm 50 attributed to David.  David was a great warrior-king who also wrote sacred songs(psalms).

    King David committed adultery and murder and this psalm expresses his heartfelt sorrow and repentance.

    Read the psalm and then think about the related questions.  Be sure to record your thoughts for reference as we will have a seminar tomorrow and you will be responsible for well-considered, clear, coherent and logical positions on these questions.  Remember, there is no wrong or right answer but you will be graded on the quality and quantity of your participation. 

    I have also added a quote from C.S. Lewis related to charity. Charity remains a fundamental part of Jewish, Christian and Muslim life. Reflect on the quote.

    You've already participated in three of these seminars so you know what to expect Simply be thoughtful and have fun!

    Hebrew Seminar Questions



    HW for 9/30/16

    Rd. pp. 27-30

    Outline subsections titled:  "The Phoenicians" and "The Israelites."

    To be submitted electronically or in hard copy.



    Disregard the HW below dated 9/27

    Tonight's HW:  Rd. pp. 51-53 up to the Kingdom of Kush.

    What is one question you have for "Influence of the Hyksos," three questions for "Height of the New Kingdom," and one question for "The Egyptian Empire Ends?"

    Please sublit this first thing tomorrow along with the prior HW from pp25-26.

    I expect these questions to be thoughtful.  I know when you're taking the easy way out.


    HW for 9/27/16

    Here is an outline of Egyptian Kingdoms from your textbook.

    Your HW is to ceate 3 thoughtful questions related to the notes that correspond to each kingdom. Yes, that's a total of 9 questions.

    We'll answer in class.    EgyptianKingdomsNotes





    Review Questions


     HW for 9/26/16

    Make sure you study for your test.  Remember, 26 multiple choice questions and two out of six written responses.

    Concentrate on the second review sheet.  If you have any questions about anything we reviewed today, please see me at extra-help.

    In case you misplace the review sheet: